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Fire Protection Solutions to be Showcased at Passenger Ship Safety 2018

Each year, there are several hundred fires recorded aboard merchant ships; 63% occur in the engine room, and the majority of these are caused by oil leakages. On-board fires are both costly and dangerous– crew and passengers have no way of escaping, and repair costs and off-hire can lead to substantial financial losses.

Leakages from broken pipes, valves, gaskets, seals, welding fractures, or the like often occur in high-pressure oil systems during initial failure conditions. These conditions can lead to rapid and comprehensive generation of airborne oil mists and/or hydrocarbon gasses, which - if these leakages are not detected in time - always result in pollution, explosion, or fire.

DASPOS A/S specializes in durable fire protection solutions to meet demands within the maritime industry, which has resulted in the Leakage Alarm System, LAS-10 - an atmospheric oil mist- and hydrocarbon detection system for the open engine room.

Ahead of the Passenger Ship Safety meeting we spoke with DASPOS to preview what delegates will discover and discuss during the event.

Please give a brief overview of what you will be promoting/covering at Passenger Ship Safety 2018?

Daspos invented an Atmospheric Oil mist and Gas Leakage detection system to prevent fires in critical engine room spaces.

What are the key challenges facing the passenger ship industry now and in the future?

Cruise vessels have become much larger in size thus more complex, the younger generation operating the vessels have a different background and experience making the vessels more vulnerable to potential escalation of dangerous situations.

How can we ensure we continue to keep passengers safe at sea?

New safety improvements are available to protect the vessel, passengers as well the owners from escalating situations.

What are you most looking forward to by attending Passenger Ship Safety 2018?

To meet key decision makers on the operator side to understand the potential danger and solutions provided, as well have authority bodies realize that it is time to strengthen the regulations when it comes to fire safety on ocean going vessels.

Passenger Ship Safety 2018 provides a unique opportunity for cruise and ferry operators, first response, maritime agencies, government organisations and industry to discuss and debate how to solve the key challenges our industry faces.

Passenger Ship Safety 2018 is the only event dedicated to keeping passengers safe at sea.

To find out more about how automation can be utilised to keep passengers safe at sea, as well as viewing the full agenda and speaker line-up, please download the confirmed programme.

Cruise and ferry operators, first response, maritime agencies and government organisations receive free entry to the full conference.