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Utilising Multi-Sensor Data to Enhance Safety of Vessels

As modern shipping moves toward greater automation, reliable and real-time data is critical in enhancing decision making. Integrated bridge management systems can help provide verified information, enhancing emergency management and ship to shore communication.

Iiro Lindborg, General Manager Remote and Autonomous Operations: Ship Intelligence department, Rolls Royce, will be present to delegates at 11.15 on Day 1 with the session titled: Intelligent Awareness (IA): Utilising multi sensor data to enhance safety of vessels.

In advance of the session we’re delighted to offer delegates a preview of the key discussion points.

Please give a brief overview of what your session will cover at Passenger Ship Safety 2018?

We will be showcasing our Intelligent Awareness system which is a situational awareness solution utilizing intelligent sensor fusion. The solution is an integral building block for autonomous ships but brings benefits today to existing vessels as well and can be installed as retrofit to any vessel. Our session shall demonstrate the cutting-edge technology at hand and how Cruise and Ferry operators are set to bring visibility to their vessel Bridge like never before.

What are the key challenges facing the passenger ship industry now and in the future?

The Passenger Ship industry faces similar problems to Marine in general. One of the key issues is a lack of availability of trained master mariners. There is currently a large gap between supply and demand of master mariners. This gap will most likely grow in the future. Another key issue is safety, the industry has yet to fully utilize modern technology and solutions to enhance safety. Our new Intelligent Awareness system does just this and mitigates safety risks brought by restricted visibility on the Bridge in challenging conditions.

How can we ensure we continue to keep passengers safe at sea?

We need more collaboration between different parties and transparent sharing of information. This will lead to better awareness between vessels, port operators etc. It is also crucial that passenger ships utilize new and upcoming technologies in today’s digital era.

What are you most looking forward to by attending Passenger Ship Safety 2018?

We are looking forward to presenting our new Intelligent Awareness system which will revolutionize safety at sea for passenger vessels, but also to hear about the latest safety challenges and developments in passenger vessel safety from the key stakeholders in the industry.

Passenger Ship Safety 2018 provides a unique opportunity for cruise and ferry operators, first response, maritime agencies, government organisations and industry to discuss and debate how to solve the key challenges our industry faces.

Passenger Ship Safety 2018 is the only event dedicated to keeping passengers safe at sea.

To find out more about how automation can be utilised to keep passengers safe at sea, as well as viewing the full agenda and speaker line-up, please download the confirmed programme.

Cruise and ferry operators, first response, maritime agencies and government organisations receive free entry to the full conference.